David Parker's Current & Recent Research Interests

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Updated:  0621


  1. Baptist Identity - A Global Perspective
  2. Charismatic Renewal: Exactly what is it about?
  3. Baptists and Other Christians in Australia: Missing in action, Lost Opportunity or Mission Accomplished? July 2009
  4. Baptist Relations with the Churches of Christ
  5. Baptists in Queensland and the Charismatic Movement (a continuing project) (large PDF)
  6. A history of Baptists in Queensland for the 150th anniversary, 1855-2005
  7. 150 years of Baptist witness in Central Queensland 1862-2012
  8.  Baptists in the Golden West: Baptist life on the Darling Downs
  9. Striving for the Mastery
  10. Postdenominationalism
  11. Donald G. Bloesch - Christian Foundations - Reviews of all volumes 1-7
  12. Open Membership in Queensland Baptist Churches
  13. The Emergence of a Postmodern Church
  14. The history of the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission
  15. The Commitment to Ministry: Baptist Camping in Queensland 1990–2020
  16. The History of the Baptist Church Archives - 2012–2020
  17. Baptist Union of Queensland 2005–2020: a movement in flux
  18. Baptists in Queensland and the Spanish Flu Epidemic 1919
  19. COVID-19 and Baptists in Queensland
  20. Queensland Baptists and Baptism (2017, 2021)
  21. Evangelical Worship - Sacramental, Charismatic or Biblical?
  22. Baptist Church Archives - History 2021
  23. Baptist Historical Society of Queensland 1984-2021
  24. Baplink - Origins and Background (2021)

19th-20th Century Baptist Ministers

Rev. William Higlett

Charles Stewart and United Evangelical Church

Thomas and William Deacon

James Voller

The German Baptist movement in Queensland

Other Topics

A Century of Baptist Church Buildings in Queensland

The National Guide to Australian Baptist Resources and Services

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