David Parker's Current & Recent Research Interests

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Updated:  1214


Digital Publications

Baptist Identity - A Global Perspective

Charismatic Renewal: Exactly what is it about?

Baptists and Other Christians in Australia: Missing in action, Lost Opportunity or Mission Accomplished? July 2009

Baptist Relations with the Churches of Christ

Baptists in Queensland and the Charismatic Movement (a continuing project) (large PDF)

A history of Baptists in Queensland for the 150th anniversary, 1855-2005

150 years of Baptist witness in Central Queensland 1862-2012

 Baptists in the Golden West: Baptist life on the Darling Downs

Striving for the Mastery


Donald G. Bloesch - Christian Foundations - Reviews of all volumes 1-7

Open Membership in Queensland Baptist Churches

The Emergence of a Postmodern Church

The history of the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission

19th-20th Century Baptist Ministers

Rev. William Higlett

Charles Stewart and United Evangelical Church

Thomas and William Deacon

James Voller

The German Baptist movement in Queensland

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