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Something more than Gold

Baptists in Central Queensland



In 2012, Rockhampton Baptists celebrated 150 years of witness. Baptist Heritage Queensland launched its history of Baptist work in Central Queensland at the Queensland Baptist Convention held in Rockhampton on Friday 18 May.

The book, of about 200 pages with more than 100 illustrations and 6 maps, is called, Something more than Gold. It contains the story of the main Rockhampton church, known as the Tabernacle, and the mission stations and other separate churches that have existed over the years in the city. These are West Rockhampton, Park Avenue, Clifton Street, High Street (later North and Peace Memorial and other titles), Lakes Creek, and Port Curtis Road. It also covers nearby churches such as Gracemere and various works in the Yeppoon/Emu Park area. Then it covers all the churches in the region - Mount Morgan, Monto, Thangoool/Biloela, Moura, Gladstone, Blackwater, Dysart, Tieri, Boyne Island/Tannum Sands, Middlemount, Emerald and Longreach.

The final section of the book covers the Central Queensland Baptist Association, Camping in Central Queensland and Baptist Social Welfare work.

Gold attracted European people to Rockhampton in the early days - and then there was more gold, silver and copper to be found in fabulous quantities at Mount Morgan. In other parts of the region, it was the pastoral and agricultural industries that brought people to the area. In the 1960s, the huge coal mining boom started in the Bowen Basin, while in more recent years, tourism has been part of the mix.

Baptists have been involved in these communities witnessing to the message of the gospel, which, as the old children's song puts it, is "something more than gold."

Some of the churches have thrived, but there has been struggle and heartache in many of them. Social conditions and the economy have had their impact. The challenge is before the Baptist community in this area to find ways of continuing to witness and serve.

As the way ahead opens up, Baptist Heritage Queensland offers this book as a 150th anniversary gift so that the faithfulness of God can be celebrated, and lessons can be learned from the past leading to wise choices for the future.

Order your copy now by contacting BHQ Publications, at or 07-3878 3178).


A Guide to

Rockhampton Baptist Heritage Sites

A guide sheet to more than 30 sites of Baptist history in Rockhampton and nearby - covering churches, institutions and outstations. Dates and brief historical details given - use your GPS and local map to locate and visit.

Key buildings illustrated

Text version included as supplement to book

Available on request (donations welcome)




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